Uusi vuosi ja uusia pelaajauutisia!

Bears ja Romello Herbin, DL ovat tehneet sopimuksen kaudesta 2021. Jenkkipuolustaja tuo vahvistusta karhulauman vahvan puolustuksen eturintamaan ja tulee aiheuttamaan päänvaivaa vastustajan hyökkäyksille.


 Q: Whats your full name, height weight, home town and previous college?

A: Name: Romello Herbin
Height: 5’10 
Weight: 245lbs 
Hometown: High Point, North Carolina 
College: Averett University 

Q: Describe to us in short who exactly Romello Herbin is and what you like to do in your free time?

A: hardworking and competitive individual. I like to play video games and go to the gym in my free time.

Q: Describe to the fans what your defensive playing style is and what you intend to bring to the Pori Bears this season. 

A: My style is aggressive, strong, and mean. I intend to bring my best to help us win.

Q: With so many teams interested in you what benefits did you see in signing with the Pori Bears and playing for coach Levi Sturgis? 

A: I had a strong connection talking with coach Levi about the team. I heard great things from both Levi and a old teammate from college who also played for the Pori Bears.

Q: Other than football what do you look forward the most about being an import in Finland? 

A: Seeing a different culture and being in a city overseas on my own.