Pelaajauutisia kaudelle 2021!

Bearsin pelinrakentaja kaudelle 2021 on amerikkalainen Jessie Robbins. Seuraavassa haastattelu, jossa Jessie kertoo hieman itsestään pelaajana ja ihmisenä sekä ajatuksiaan Suomeen tulemisesta.

Q: What´s your full name, height, weight, home town and previous college?

A: Jessie James Robbins Jr., 6’1″, 215, Savannah Georgia and Missouri Valley College

Q: Describe to us in short who exactly Jessie Robbins is and what do you like to do in your free time?

A: I ’m a hard worker, I’m dedicated, and a great leader. That’s on and off the field but when I step on the field I exhibit, expect and demand nothing less than 100% from myself as well as my teammates. In my free time I enjoy playing video games, going swimming when the weather permits, going to fun parks, driving go karts and I also love to paintball.

Q: Describe to fans what your QB playing style is and what you intend to bring to Pori Bears this season?

A: My style of play is labeled as a dual-threat meaning I can run and pass the football fairly well. One  thing I always say is that I’m not a running quarterback that can run, it’s a major difference in that statement. What I expect of myself to bring to Bears this season is a passion and burning desire to win. Most importantly a desire to better myself as a professional athlete and a teammate as well as bring great attitude and superior leadership skills.

Q: With so many teams interested in you, what benefits did you see in signing with Pori Bears and playing for Coach Levi Sturgis?

A: The thing that drew me into Pori Bears was Coach Levi, from day one of this recruitment process he has been upfront and transparent about the whole process. From day one he made me feel like I was being involved in basically what would be considered as corporate decisions. It wasn’t a single moment in time that I had to guess about what exactly was going on. His offensive style and sceme is something I’m very familiar with and I would say I’m pretty good at executing it so that was also a plus for me. Then when I had conversations with Joona Karimerto, it was the same transparency from the beginning so basically the checked all 3 boxes for me just by being who they were.

Q: Other than football what do you look forward the most about being an import in Finland?

A: Honestly just seeing another environment and country besides the US; I’ve been there my whole life so I know how they live and carry themselves. I think it would just be a great experience to see and meet new people from a different country and see how their culture is.