Kauden 2021 päävalmentaja

It’s official now! Pori Bearsin kauden 2021 päävalmentaja on amerikkalainen William Sturgis! Seuraavana Williamin oma esittely ja terveiset:

Hey Pori Bears Nation, my name is William Levi Sturgis but everyone can call me Coach Levi! I am from small town Galena, Kansas and I currently reside in Tampa Florida! I enjoy working out, spending time with my dog and doing absolutely anything and everything that involves football! I played college football at Mayville State University in ND and then went on to play a few years professionally overseas. I have 8 years coaching experience and last place I was coaching was D2 France in Nice for the Nice Dauphins. In that season before the Covid epidemic we went 6-0 with the best rushing offense and best rushing defense in the league. I am truly thankful and grateful for the opportunity I have received from the Bears to coach and lead this team back to greatness! This season will be special in so many different ways and I look forward to arriving and bringing the American football culture and professionalism to this great organization this season!